Do You Want a Successful Home Based Business? Consider Affiliate Marketing!

Right now, home based businesses have never been hotter. That’s the good news. The bad news is there are more scams out there than real opportunities.Don’t just take my word for it. In fact, just the other day I read an article that said Christine Durst, CEO of “The Rat Race Rebellion” did research and discovered that there are 57 phony work-at-home jobs for every one that’s legitimate.Those don’t sound like very promising odds for someone who wants to build a successful home based business, I know.However, don’t let these statistics dissuade you from realizing your dreams.I am living proof. I am a stay at home father of 3 young children and started my home based business around the time my twin boys were born 7 years ago. While taking care of them — during which time my wife worked to put food on the table and get us health insurance — I built up a multiple six figure a year passive income.I know it sounds incredible, but it’s true. The opportunity to build a successful home based business is very real.I am going to give you some tips on how to easily avoid the vast majority of scams out there.Most of the illegitimate work-at-home opportunities are ones were you are attempting to trade time for dollars. For example, it amazes me how many people look to build a business at home–stuffing envelopes!Why on earth would you want to do that?Here’s a little dirty secret: most real home based business opportunities are ones where you’re not going to get paid time for dollars. You’re going to have to build up an income on a commission basis and get paid on performance.Does that scare you? It shouldn’t! Those are where the legitimate opportunities are at. And the biggest of these is the affiliate marketing industry, the one in which I am personally involved.Amazon and eBay run affiliate programs, along with tens of thousands of lesser known names. Do you think all these companies are doing this to con people? Of course not.The problem is that many people are turned off by the notion that they are not going to get a guaranteed paycheck. I have news for you. Nothing in life is guaranteed. If you’re looking for a guaranteed paycheck from a home based business, then you’re much more likely to run into one of the many scams out there.If you’re open-minded, however, and really want to potentially make a large income, then affiliate marketing is the ultimate home based business opportunity because companies love to pay affiliates a fortune.Why would they? Because when an affiliate is ultra successful that means they are making the company they are promoting a lot of money!Remember this: affiliate programs only pay out when a sale or lead has already happened, which means they are guaranteed a profit, which lowers or eliminates the risk for them.Some people are scared of affiliate marketing because they are scared to find out what their real worth is in the marketplace. But if you’re one of those people who hates your day job, or got laid off, and always believed you were worth more than what your boss paid you, now is your time to shine and prove it.You, too, can build a successful home based business if you have the patience, discipline, and set your mind with dogged determination to learn the ropes. I did it at home alone with 2 children, then a third child, who are still under my daily care–and I did it without knowing the first thing about home based businesses over 7 years ago when I started.Don’t be held back by your fears. Start now.

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