5 Great Ways to Build Specific Site Traffic by Writing Content-Rich Articles

The website owner who is currently not using articles as a way of promoting his website is really missing out on the enormous traffic-generating potential of this great promotion method. The reason that article writing and article submission is such a great traffic generator to your site is the fact that web bloggers and developers are constantly on the lookout for new content for their sites. It doesn’t matter what topic your articles are about, there are millions of site owners out there who are desperate for any new content whatsoever to feed to their starving website visitors. Let’s get right to the best five ways that articles can generate great traffic to your site.


There are so many article directory sites out there, that you could submit your articles for days on end and never hit the same site twice. To avoid that kind of time-consuming nightmare, there are some online companies that will actually submit your articles to all of the major article directory sites for you for free! Do a Google search under the heading “free article submissions” to find out which one works best for you. Just make sure you are allowed to put your website’s URL in the main content of the article so that readers will know where to go to find your site.

I would recommend that all the articles that you do submit to an article directory should have something in common with your site, as the reader will be very disappointed to visit your web pages for “Movie Star Home Info” when they were reading your article you submitted entitled “How to Paint Your Living Room” to the free article submission directory. The reader will feel suckered when they go to your site on movie star’s homes, and will never again return to your web pages, so be sure what types of articles you do submit. That is the only way to be sure you will get that much sought-after specific site traffic you need. Most of these companies will allow you to pick your specific category that you want individual articles to be submitted to, so choose wisely.

This is a very important step that you must not avoid. You need to make sure that people searching Google or Yahoo! will be able to find your article specific to the article’s subject matter. Let’s say your article is trying to explain the best way to interview the movie star Lindsey Lohan. The first keyword I would use in that article would be “Lohan”. The second would be “Lindsey”, and the third would be “movie star”. Another great keyword would be “interview”, as that is the main subject of the article, other than Lindsey Lohan.

Since this actress is in the news all of the time because of her trouble with drugs and alcohol, you could also use those as keywords as long as they are in your article at least four times. Since there will be millions of people searching for those specific terms, your article should attract at least a few hundred of those searchers, and at least 50 or so of those web surfers will go to your site to see what other Lindsey Lohan related articles you might have in store for them. Just be sure to not disappoint them and make sure that your site is able to deliver to them the content-rich articles that they are craving to read.

Just because the articles you will be writing have to be rich in content does not mean you have to write like a Biblical scholar! No, instead you should always keep in mind that you are writing for the web. That means your tone should always be friendly and conversational, and you need to always start new paragraphs with big headings and and sub-headings. A lot of bullet points would help as well.

Keep your paragraphs relatively short, so using no more than three sentences per paragraph would be a good rule of thumb to stick to. Remember that your main reason in writing these articles is to direct people reading the article to your own site, so if you can get your URL in the main content of your text at the top of the page, so much the better. If not, be sure to include a nice caption of what your site can bring to the viewer along with your URL prominently displayed underneath that caption somewhere on the bottom of the article’s main page.

This means that if you are a webmaster, write about everything you know about that subject and give good examples of internet bugs that you have been able to eradicate, or other web problems you have been able to solve. This will put faith in the reader’s mind that you are an expert in this field, and that he or she should be able to go to your site to get more info that will help them in their business ventures to solve a variety of their own website issues.

Since you will be writing about something that you are knowledgeable in, you should be more enthusiastic about that subject, and that enthusiasm will be shown to your readers through your article. That is the #1 advantage in writing content-rich articles to bring site traffic to your business. That perfect combo of bringing your enthusiasm for a subject you love to your readers, along with the great info on subjects that you are really interested in will really bring true value to everybody who reads your articles. Ater reading your article, those viewers will now be loyal to you and your site for life. You can’t buy that kind of web site promotion if you tried.

Every article that you post on an article directory site gets a fresh set of META tags and a search engine submission at every posting if you do post them as web pages. This might be the biggest and best way to generate site-specific traffic to your site. Make sure that every article is keyword rich and try squeezing in a few extra keywords where appropriate. This will help with your search engine ranking and generate some very targeted traffic.

The search engine traffic that this kind of posting generates will be much more in tune to the subject matter than somebody who just stumbled upon your site by accident, because they are specifically looking for the topics you have generated in your keyword phrases.

I hope you now have a better understanding of how writing and submitting content-rich articles covering a myriad of subjects can be a golden opportunity for getting you those new subscribers that you so richly deserve.

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